Alpaca Double Tadpole Trike Car Rack


The Alpaca Tadpole Trike Carrier is available for both 1 1/4" and 2” receiver hitches. It features a frame with three height adjustments and three different usable pin spacing to help avoid obstacles on the trike frames, along with our Alpaca Cinch. We recommend the silent hitch pin lock as the best option to prevent swaying with this carrier. Other locks are necessary if you intend to lock trikes to the carrier. After the carrier is set up, the spacers remain on the pins. Simply load the trike, run the strap over the frame of the trike, slide the ring on the short strap with the cam-buckle over the end of the pin and tighten the strap. Repeat for the other pin. Secure the rear tire with the ball bungee and you are ready to go.

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