Adem 2H Headrest for RANS Hoagie Seat


The ADEM 2H is specifically designed to mount to the RANS Hoagie seat utilizing the threaded braze-on inserts in the seat frame.

The ADEM 2H is vertically adjustable and the mast is removable without tools, using the velcro locking tab. Adjustment can even be made without leaving the seat. Fore/aft adjustment is accomplished by minor bending of the aluminum bracket. The 2H has slightly more reach in both the vertical and fore/aft directions to better accomodate the more upright position of the Hoagie.

The ADEM 2H comes with the LX pad with its hollow center for the most comfortable ride possible.

For more information on adjustment, installation and other useful tips please go to: <a href="">Adem Headrests' Frequently Asked Questions</a><br>

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