Angletech AeroTrunk III (Tailbox)


Please note that International Orders for AeroTrunks may incur additional shipping charges as these are shipped assembled and require a large box. These cannot be shipped "Flat Rate". We will notify you of any additional charges and only charge actual shipping rates.

The objective has been to create an aerodynamic tailbox that adds speed (2-3 mph according to our 2 real world testers of our last prototype), has considerable utility, requires no additional support structure, amplifies sound less than the Choroplast or fiberglass examples, and has a high quality finish and level of materials.

Capacity: 2850 cu. In. 14" wide, 12" tall, tapering to 10" at the rear, 20" long.

Materials: Slick urethane coated 420 dennier polyester pack cloth on top and perimeter, ABS and HDPE internal stiffeners, 1000 dennier polyester bottom & front panel (at seat end), mesh mounting pocket with Nexus buckle, left front Supermesh smartphone pocket.

Zippers: New double pull YKK Uretek water repellant zippers with “fold lock” action, antique nickel finish, zinc slides and rubber tab ends. Very cool. Slick "no flap" appearance.

Safety: Retroflective reflective tape around perimeter of trunk. Loop for flashing LED light at rear.

Quick convenience: 4" x 14" transverse mesh pocket at bottom of front panel. Stretch Power Mesh phone pocket on forward left corner with pen pocket at the corner.

Off the bike capability: Shoulder strap that fastens to 2 "D" rings, and an easy on the hands rubber grab handle.

Weight: 3 pounds

What's Inside?

Reservoir pocket at the front end of the pack with a color coded exit slot at bottom for hose.

14 x 12 x 4" compartment that Velcro closes at the top if you wish. Laptop computer compatible.

Built in wallet with additional YKK zippered mesh pocket, and a snap fitting for your keys.

Blue mesh cargo floor net with 2 Nexus buckled straps to anchor your gear.

Bike fits: All types of wide back recumbent mesh seats. Shell format and Euromesh/Hoagie format interface options along with tapered wedge to level the AeroTrunk III on Euro position bikes.

Colors: Black, Red, Yellow, Lime, Orange, Blue. Custom colors on request.

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