Arkel Small Handlebar Bag KIT for Trike Seatside Mount


NOTE: This is a TRIKE SPECIFIC kit. This includes the Arkel Handlebar Bag and the TerraCycle Custom Arkel bag mounts to be used on the SeatSide Mounts. The Seatside Mounts are NOT included in this kit but are available HERE

Arkel Handlebar Bag:

100% waterproof main compartment. Arkel's bestselling handlebar bag is the most functional and easy to use bar bag out there. Combining RF welded seams and traditional sewing enables us to make a completely waterproof and practical zippered bag. No roll-top closure, just an easy to open zippered main compartment that’s always dry. Features: shoulder strap, adjustable aluminum mounting bracket (no plastic parts to break), removable waterproof liner and waterproof map case.

TerraCycle Custom Arkel Handlebar BagMounts:

We love the Arkel bags, but the nice mounting clamps that come with them are designed for upright bike handlebars, so they extend the bag out quite a ways. When you use bags beside your seat, it's nice to have them in close, to make them easier to reach and to keep the bag within your wheel profile. These clamps bring your bag as close to the mounting tube on your Seatside Mount as possible, so you can adjust the bag to where you really want it. A great way to make a nice bag really nice.

Note that these clamps are sized for our Seatside Mount system, which uses 7/8" (22.2mm) tubes. If you have a different system, it may use different sized tubes, so check first if you don't have one of our Seatside Mounts.

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