Cage Rocket Dry Storage Pod

Cool little device the size of a bottle with a flip top opening to access a padded compartment for your phone, glasses, keys, energy bars, etc.
Works best with Elite Ciussi open back type bottle cage.

Color: Black

Material: High Density Polyethylene

Lid Color: Black

Material: ABS

Foam Lining

Material: EVA

This "dry" version of the Cage Rocket Storage Pod features Conforming High Recovery Foam (CHRF) bonded to the entire lid interior surface using 3M adhesive. This creates a self conforming waterproof seal.

Whether cycling in a rainstorm, or getting caught in a mountain downpour, the Class III waterproof design will stay dry. The design has been tested to withstand submersion in water to a 3 foot depth for 3 minutes. What that means to you, is that your contents will be dry in a storm, and the Cage Rocket Dry Storage Pod will float in water.

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