Draftmaster Car Rack - 2 Standard Bikes or SWB Recumbents with 2'' Interconnect


<p style="color:red">There are so many ways to configure this rack that in order for us to be sure you get exactly the attachments you need, we ask that you order this over the phone - 719-687-7475</p>


Modular cross-arm design allows for easy and quick installation, removal and storage.


Stylish, refined look with oval aluminum tubing.


Allows access to the rear of the vehicle with a convenient, user-friendly foot pedal release that pivots the rack about 30" away from the vehicle.


Bikes mount in individual positions, away from each other and the vehicle.


Configurations are available for carrying Standard Bikes, Tandems, Recumbents, Trikes, Crank Forward Bikes and up to four Front Wheels.


Bikes are carried in the draft behind the vehicle, providing better fuel efficiency and less wind noise.

The price on this page is for a standard wheelbase 2 bike system with a 2" Interconnect system to plug in to the receiver in your vehicle. In the options you can click on to the changes you require to complete the rack that will be perfect for your situation.

We have used this rack personally for 10 years, and it is the easiest to use, and the highest quality of any rear mount system.

<p style="color:red">Please contact us to arrange the correct attachments for your needs - 719-687-7475</p>
(Please do not order this product online)

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