Light and Motion VIS 180 Micro Taillight

The Taillight that looks to its Left and its Right. Keep your mind focused on the day ahead, while your VIS® 180 Micro has your back and your side - the first taillight to offer a full 180 degrees of Commuter Safety.

The Vis® 180 Micro delivers an SUV sized output from a compact lightweight package. At 10 times the light of the most powerful AA taillights, combined with brilliant amber sidelights, the Vis® 180 Micro lets the cars know you belong on the road too. With a tool-less mount, locking mount clip for frame or bag, and convenient cell phone micro USB charging, you will never go back to a blinkie again.

The Vis® line uses a single cell Li-ion cell carefully packaged inside the light. These products feature a new battery charge indicator that reliably reports the charge status so you know when to re-fuel.


Charge Cable: USB to Miro USB Included
Lumens: 25
High Pulse- 6:00
Low Pulse- 12:00
High - 4:00
Paceline- 20:00
System Weight: 61 gr

Mounts: Bike or Bag

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