MKS Urban Step In Ezy Quick Release Superior Pedal, Silver


MKS EZY Urban Time Pedals are an excellent choice for tourers, commuters and anyone wanting a versatile pedal. These pedals feature a flat side for use with street shoes and a side that accepts Time ATAC cleats (included). Additionally, these pedals can be easily removed with a beautifully designed, robust, quick release that requires no tools! This can serve as an additional deterrent to thieves: Who wants to steal a bike with no pedals?

MKS Urban Step In A Clipless Pedal EZY Silver Features:
- One-side Time ATAC style clipless, other side platform
- Uses two bolt Time ATAC cleats (included)
- Light, one-piece alloy body
- Ezy sleeve lock spindle release mechanism ideal for folding and commute bikes
- No tools required
- 461g

IMPORTANT NOTE: MKS EZY pedals utilize TWO (2) different systems and they are NOT cross compatible. If you want to order additional couplers please make sure you order the couplers that are correct for your pedals. These pedals (Urban/Time) use the EZY SUPERIOR Couplers NOT the EZY Couplers.

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