Schwalbe Ultremo R.1 Ultimate Performance Tire 650x23

Ultremo R – Created using new construction principles and with new high tech materials. Rolling resistance and weight have been radically reduced! Improve your personal best by a factor of R. 650C / 571 x 23. (Special Pricing).


Reduced weight: 180 g

Reduced Rolling Resistance: Radial Technology

Reduced puncture risk: HD Ceramic Guard

DETAILS: Using new high tech materials and new construction principles the Ultremo R.1 has charted previously unexplored territory.

Radial Technology. For the first time our High Density Technology makes possible to radialy, in-build a protection belt into a bicycle tire. The tire retains its shape better. Internal friction and rolling resistance are reduced.

Triple Nano Compound. A completely revised nano-sized polymer base and fillers has made our triple compound even better. The filler particles that were formerly 200 nanometers in size now measure a mere 10 nanometers, or 0.00000001 M. This reduction has two crucial advantages:

1. The internal friction within the rubber is reduced, lowering rolling resistance.

2. More, smaller particles have much more surface area than few larger ones meaning the contact area is greater that results in improved grip.

Result: An outstanding all-round compound that we use it in the tread center. Beneath this lies the base compound that is light and easy rolling, while the tire shoulders have the now legendary grippy compound.

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