Sidi Dominator 5 Men's - Closeout!


The Italians seem to have always had a cultural edge on comfortable shoes, and bike shoes are no exception.

We suggest SIDI shoes from Italy.

The SIDI Dominator 5 series offers:

1. Available widths: Narrow, Medium, Mega (wide), in whole and ½ sizes.

2. Plastic molded heel cup for best support.

3. 2 Velcro straps with integrated nylon grippers, plus exclusive Ultra SL top buckle for click-by-click fine-tuning of fit.

4. Padded tongue with fit “relievers.”

5. Recessed cleat mounting area for cleat fit flush with the sole.

A fit note: If you have owned Sidi's before, order as usual. If you are new to Sidi, we typically ask your standard American shoe size, then up that by 1 size, transfer to the metric equivalent, and you're there.

Special pricing on in stock inventory, while supply lasts.

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