Tern Airporter Semi-Hard Transit Case


If you’re taking a trip, and can’t bear to be without your Tern, you’ll want to keep it cozy and protected in an AirPorter suitcase. The AirPorter rolls easily, making travel with your Tern a convenient affair. 20” Terns fold and fit without any disassembly. 24” and 26” Terns fit with wheels and stems disassembled. The AirPorter has a linear measurement of 76”, which is oversized, but we’ve found that a nice smile at the check-in counter works well for avoiding an extra charge. It’s worked for us every time.
Rugged nylon, semi-hard case protection

Telescopic handle and smooth-rolling inline skate wheels

TSA-approved combination lock

Includes: padded chainring protector, wheel separators and tube protectors

Dimensions: 35 × 69 × 88 cm (13.8 × 27.1 × 34.6 in)

Weight: 9.1 kg (20.3 lbs)

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