FastBack Flash Frame Pack

The FastBack Flash Frame Pack proved itself a true member of the unbeatable FastBack team on a 2,400km trip from Colorado to Portland. No amount of torrential rain could penetrate the Flash's protective cover. Cell phones and Clif Bars were working and edible the whole trip long. The sleek design fits nicely on a bike or trike. The Velcro lining makes reaching in and out easy, without compromising the contents inside. Use it with a NorBack Frame Pack and they can share a strap!
Weight: 4 oz

Dimensions: 2w X 3h X 9.5


Opening and closing the Flash: It's not necessary to open the Flash completely to access an item while seated on the bike. Just break the velcro seal on one side while leaving the other side together. To close the Flash, just pull your hand down the cover to reseal the velcro.

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