Terracycle Accessory Mount

Extraordinary accesory mount for SWB format recumbents. 53g.
Pick format from drop down menu.

A note on arm lengths: for recumbent applications, we recommend the 50x75mm arm or 75x100mm combination. If you want more room, or to get things further away from the frame, go for the 75x100mm version. On upright bicyle stem mounting applications, we recommend the 75x100mm arm combination for maximum versatility. If you are mounting on a fork blade, we recommend the 50x75mm setup.

A word about derailleur tube diameter:

1 1/8 and 1 1/4 diameter is for most bikes, measure derailleur tube diameter before ordering.

*Extender sold separately.

*The extender kit gives you 15mm of additional space to mount another item to your accessory mount. In the rear facing configuration, this extender allows you to mount two accessories to the mount ie: computer and GPS, or computer and separate heart rate monitor. The extender kit is composed of a 15mm add on mount, a fitted end cap, and a new longer stainless bolt. This allows you to add space to either or both sides of your existing accessory mount.

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