TerraCycle Battery Mount - Catrike Villager, Left Side


Electric drives on bikes and trikes are great for transportation and for enabling anyone to get out and ride, but until now, most people have had to hodgepodge together a way to carry the battery. Batteries are big, dense and valuable, and you don't want to just stick them anywhere. A rear rack sometimes works, but then the wires have to be extended, the weight is up high, and you can't use the rack for anything else.

Introducing TerraCycle's latest Battery Mount - for folding trikes! Finally, a good way to attach your valuable, heavy battery: centered, low down, and out of the way- including when folded. Height and angle can be adjusted to fit just about any bike or trike on the market. The CNC machined mounting clamps precision made for the most common frame sizes. This battery mount is the super sturdy, elegant battery solution that the recumbent world has been waiting for!

This mounts the battery on the right side of the trike.

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