Terracycle Challenge Fujin/Furai Return Idler Kit


This kit upgrades your return idlers and redesigns the chainline for smoother chain flow and less power side chain interference.

With super tough urethane chainbeds, the Sport idlers are made of durable reinforced Nylon and come with ABEC 7 rated bearings.

The Elite idlers are CNC machined aluminum and come with hybrid Ceramic bearings. This kit changes the chainline to move the mid return idler down below the power side chain instead of beside the power side chain. This keeps the power side chain from touching the idler, and allows the idler to be full width and have full side plates. The forward return idler attaches at the same place as the stock idler but uses all new mounting hardware.

A special floating chaintube mount is provided for the power side chain to protect the fork and prevent contact between the power and return chains. The floating mount allows the special low noise chaintube to move with the power side chain as you shift, keeping noise and friction to a minimum. The chaintube is flared at both ends and made from a special material that is both slippery and very quiet. You will not believe how quiet your chainline can be. This kit works great with the Terracycle Challenge Chainkeeper and the combination will transform the smoothness and reliability of your Fujin or Furai drivetrain.

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