Terracycle Floating Chaintube Mount

The Terracycle floating chaintube mount allows you to use short sections of chaintube which will have the ability to move up and down, left and right with the chain, while staying in place fore and aft to protect your frame from chain rub.

This new system follows the same philosophy as Terracycle floating idlers- it's best to allow movement as you change gears and let the chain go where it needs to go. It's proving to be the solution for many bikes/trikes that need some frame protection without adding additional idlers.

A "Universal" version that attaches to the frame with Zip Ties. It's possible to put this version almost anyplace.

1. Let the chaintube float with the chain. You want the chaintube to cover the chain, not tell it where to go.

2. Use the right chaintube material. We use a special low noise, extra slippery plastic.

3. Keep the chaintube as short as possible. The longer the tube, the more it will gunk up and the more the chain can vibrate inside. Shorter is better, down to about 3" (75mm).

4. Flare the ends. The entry end is most important, of course, but the exit end makes a big difference too. We flare both ends with a special process that thickens the ends as well as shaping them for smooth chain flow.

If you do not have chaintube already we can supply lengths of 4" or 10" flared on both ends. With these we supply 2 small zipties for attachment to the mount.

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