TerraCycle Handlebars

The complete range encompasses 4 different grip angles in 3 different grip to grip widths, for an array of 12 different bars.

Bars are listed by grip to grip width and grip angle. The grip to grip number is the distance in centimeters between the centers of your palms when your hands are on the grips. This is a natural number, since it relates directly to where you prefer to have your hands. People with wider shoulders are likely to want a wider grip width, for example. The grip angle number is the angle below horizontal that your hands like to be at when gripping something.

To measure yourself for bars we recommend the following procedure:

Sit in a chair that doesn't have arms. Sit naturally, let your arms dangle at your sides, and shake them out a little to relax them.

Reach up as if to hold your ideal handlebar. Try not to think too much, just reach both hands up and pretend you're holding handlebars.

Have an assistant measure the distance between the knuckles of your middle fingers to get your grip to grip width.

Next, have your assistant put a ruler or other straight object in your hand and estimate the angle below the horizontal that you like to hold your hands.

T-Cycle bars are made from high quality 6061 Aluminum tubing, custom bent, and powder coated Black for good looks and durability. Custom reaming to enable use with bar end shifters is $10.00 additional.

After choosing your dimensions, indicate your size and grip angle below. If after measuring and looking at the charts you are still unsure of your appropriate size, give us a call and we can help you decide.

*Ream for bar end shifters available apon request for $10 extra. Call shop for this addition.

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