TerraCycle ICE SeatSide Mount Kit (Back of Seat)

One of the great things about triking is how nice it is to have everything right at hand as you roll along. With a SeatSide mount, you can have all sorts of things close at hand.

This Seat SeatSide Mount will work on ICE trikes and lets you carry bags, water bottles, cameras, all sorts of things, right by your side. Snacks, phones, lip balm, you name it, now you can keep it all within reach while riding.

This mount attaches to the horizontal brace on the back the seat. The mount comes out and forward to your side. The seatside arm can be attached on either side, or both if you wish. If you have seen the ICE seatside mount, this mount is similar in concept but is adjustable up/down, forward/back, and has a much larger area for you to mount things. You can attach a bag and two water bottles, for instance, or something larger like a dog carrier.

Bags NOT Included.

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