Terracycle Idler, Rans Xstream, F5 Monotube, Enduro Sport


Rans Xtream and Force 5 Idler kit. This is the same style idler that was custom made for the very successful Rans Race Across America Team for 2009. It features the TerraCycle over/under idler configuration with custom milling to accept the larger 5/8 ID bearings which are spec'd on these two Rans bikes. Your choice of Sport Idler with aluminum cog or Elite Idler with Titanium cog. The kit also includes a double stainless chainkeeper and special poly bushing to keep the idler from contacting the chain keeper. Reports from riders who have purchased these idlers have been fantastic as well as all the accolades from the Rans Racing team. We think that this is a substantial upgrade from the stock idlers with noticeable improvements and idler longevity. For the Force 5 this should not be confused with the older triangulated Force 5 frames, this idler kit is for the new Force 5 with the mono-tube frames introduced in late 2008.

If you have any questions on the Force 5 get in touch with us for confirmation of the correct kit for your bike.

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