Terracycle Seavo Tandem Idler Set. Sport and Elite


A must for your Rans Seavo. Greatly quiets the drivetrain, and delivers a totally reliable, friction reducing system. Important in any bike, but especially a tandem.The Sport has an aluminum power side cog and yellow polyurethane return side band with 15 tooth Aluminum cog. ABEC rated bearings and molded ballistic nylon side plates offer years of durable and functional service.

The Elite Over/ Under Idler upgrades the concept to the highest level with Titanium power side cogs, orange polyurethane return side bands and Hybrid Ceramic Bearings. Finished with beautifully machined aluminum side plates on the power side, molded ballistic nylon outer plate on the return side and a custom machined polycarbonate center plate. All this adds up to ultimate durability and the lowest friction.

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