Terracycle Terratrike Front Idler


More power to the rear wheel, smoother, super long lasting and quieter with less vibration. What else is there to say! The kit is composed of TerraCycle's famous power side idler featuring aluminum side plates, USA made CNC machined bearing carrier with ABEC 7 bearings. The return side chain is managed on a lightweight TerraCycle machined aluminum return idler with long lasting urethane bed. Your choice of Titanium or Aluminum cog for the power side. Both materials will ensure years of trouble free riding however Titanium is recommended for stronger riders or those who do more miles. Full detailed instructions with all the required spacers and a stainless steel chainkeeper to make installation painless. This is for the front idlers only, we now also offer a kit for the rear over/under idler which is availale as a seperate item.

Not for Zoomer model.

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