Terracycle V2 Formula Idler Kit


Ultimate idler system for Rans V2 Formula.

A beautifully machined idler kit to compliment your Rans Formula or V2 speed machine. A pair of custom TerraCycle mounting plates take the place of the stock single plate to encase TerraCycles high quality idlers. Available with either Sport or Elite series idlers. This kit will definately help you get the maximum power to the rear wheel for improved performance plus quiet the drivetrain substantially. If you decide to order this idler you will need to measure the width of your idler mounts (part that the bolt goes through) since Rans installed two different frame mounting bosses. The width is either 1 1/4" or 1 5/8" Remember this is the left to right width of the actual mounting boss, not the front to back distance between the two mounting bosses!

Sport Idlers with Aluminum cog and ABEC bearings.

Elite Idlers with Titanium cogs and Ceramic bearings provide ultimate low friction and durability.

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