TerraTrike SS Wheelset


TerraTrikes are designed to be sharp, sporty and comfortable. For those looking for the ultimate in response and style in their ride, however, SS wheels are the ideal upgrade. The wheels feature five wide, anodized aluminum spokes that greatly increase the aerodynamics of the wheels. The ridged spokes also enhance the stiffness and cornering abilities of the trike. Because of their unique look, the SS wheels are sure to catch the eye of any onlookers as you zoom around the bike paths and streets.

They are compatible with all TerraTrike models*, but are best suited for the TerraTrike Tour II and Sportster models. We highly recommend these wheels for the serious rider looking to add an edge to their ride.

The SS wheel uses a deep-section rim so a folding tire is highly recommended (Tryker, Durano, Kojak, etc.). As an alternative, valve extenders are available, and required, for those who want to use wire bead tires (Marathons, CST, etc.).


-Aluminum spoke “Mag” style rim

-Aerodynamic -Silver color

-No Maintenance (wheels stay round and true)

-Gives any trike a sleek look

-Reminiscent of Crager ® SS car wheels from the ‘70s.

-Front wheels weigh 1135g and rear wheel weighs 1248g

-Tires and tubes not included

-Sold a a set of 3 20" wheels

* Does NOT work with internally geared wheels

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